How do I set up utilities?

Connecting Residential Utilities
Step 1:  Read and fill out an application for utility service - Application for Utilities
Step 2:  Attach copy of photo I.D. (Driver's license) for all applicants listed on application.
Step 3:  Submit Application & Copies 
              or in person at Town Hall, 3700 W Main St. Thatcher.  
Step 4:  Pay applicable fees. Electric deposit $80.00 + Connect fee $10.00

Landlord Information
When a tenant vacates your rental property and terminates their utility account, the services are normally shut off.  However, you may want to keep the utilities on for many reasons, including servicing the property to prepare for the next tenant.  By filling out our 
Landlord Service Application you can have the utilities remain active and automatically reverted back to your name.  Landlord service applications can be returned to the utility office at Town Hall.