The Town of Thatcher offers recycling stations located in various parts of town.  Multiple 300 gallon recycling containers can be found at the following locations: Recycling pic

  • Splash Pad Park
  • Daley Estates Park
  • Quail Ridge subdivision
  • Thatcher Elementary School
  • Jack Daley Primary School
  • Thatcher Town Hall
  • there are four stations located on Eastern Arizona College campus

Recycling Container Collection Guidelines

What Can Be Recycled:

  • Paper items:  newspapers, magazines, office paper, junk mail, catalogs, phone books, paper bags, cardboard(please break down large boxes), paperback books, hardback books, paperboard(cereal boxes, etc)
  • Plastics:  plastic bottles 1 through 7, soda/juice/water bottles, milk/juice jugs, detergent bottles(please rinse out), plastic tubs, plastic jars, rigid laundry hampers, plastic baskets.
  • Metal: aluminum cans, steel cans, pots and pans, small electronics

What CANNOT be Recycled: 

  • glass, garbage, yard waste or leaves, garden hoses, textiles or used clothes, light bulbs, hazardous waste, medical waste, batteries, sharp metal or motor oil bottles.